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Column | ‘You are always hungry’

“You are always hungry.” Does that sound familliar to you? I for one hear it quite regularly, and that is why I can tell you that every word of it is true. Every single word has its own meaning. I am indeed always hungry, only few moments pass by when I don’t fancy a snack. It is very likely for me to grab a bag of chips, or to bring something to eat home from work. Today for example I picked something up by the candy store, Jamin. I passed by it on my way home anyways.

I do have to admit that my hunger most of the time leads to me wanting a snack. When you look at my body you can clearly see that. Someone should actually put me on an obligatory diet, but like many others, I am not going to do that for fun. I love unhealthy delicious food like chips, peanuts, cookies and ice cream. And never forget my absolute number one: Chocolate.

My stomach gets hands

Sometimes I get a feeling like ‘whoah’. You either recognise this or you don’t. My stomach starts to make weird noises and my mood gets very grumpy. I start to tell everyone about how I feel. It feels like my stomach grows a pair of hands, and wants to pull everything that is even remotely edible towards it. If it could it would, I’m sure about that. I would almost pledge it. So I would say it is true that I am always hungry. The only moments I am not is when I just had a gigantic meal. And when I look at my body I’d say that happens quite regularly.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

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