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Dominique – English

She looks at me with her blue eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. The webcam murmurs a little. Her eyes look familiar in my brown eyes. You are so beautiful, I say. Dominique blushes a bit. She uses her hands to shape it like a heart. What would I like to be with her. Unfortunately, she lives in the distant United States. She smiles so hard that it bares its bright, white teeth.
“Red, white, blue.” “The king and his wife.” I say if they want to enumerate the Dutch colors. I miss you so much. Those beautiful blonde Dominique. What I would like to hold her again. A kiss to her pink lips. She waves to me as it is light in the Netherlands. In the US it is dark. Nighty night.
I do my laptop out. One is I have to counter that image lights orange. What a girl. But how long I knew her now? A week maybe. No, not even. But why do I feel this now then? It also remains a real mystery, huh. It is quiet in the room. I just think about her. I really do not know what I want now. This feels so real and good. But can it so soon? I have not even seen her yet. Oh, I tell myself. No one who has suffered from. So what?!

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